The brain is an ever-changing and evolving organ. Like other organs, if it is exercised regularly it will continue to grow throughout our entire lives. New programs have now been specifically designed to help stimulate brain activity and to improve basic brain skills like memory, logic and concentration.


As technology becomes increasingly available and designed with more common-sense operating systems, many seniors are learning to take advantage of the social interaction, utility and enjoyment these new technologies offer. By offering a specific approach designed to engage and challenge seniors, Pinnacle Memory Programs uses new technologies to stimulate brain activity in such a way as to help improve and maintain memory and other brain functions well into the golden years.

Tablet Computers

With the advent of the iPad, Android-based and other similar tablets, computer technology has finally been made readily available to the senior population. Without the need for a keyboard or mouse and operating with a common-sense “touch what you see” approach, iPads and Android tablets are perfect for seniors of all ages and technological abilities.

Pinnacle Memory Programs takes advantage of these new designs and technologies to train and encourage seniors to use applications that focus on a variety of activities. Email, Skype and Facetime with family and friends increases socialization that often diminishes with age. News, current events and history sites engage seniors in a way that watching TV or listening to the radio cannot. Games and other applications designed to stimulate mental activity also allow seniors to avoid the "use it or lose it" circumstance many seniors face once as they age.

Pinnacle Memory Programs is a whole-life approach designed specifically for senior housing facilities and their staff to take advantage of these new technologies to help seniors stay vibrant and engaged well into their senior years.

Residents utilizing tablets allow senior housing facilities the ability to continually test and strengthen their residents’ memory ability. Tablets not only keep their memory sharp but are also critical to connecting residents with their family and friends in a way that was not possible even a few years ago. Learning new technology also empowers residents and keeps them current with the trends in todays’ world.